The Magic of Tea

about me tea Feb 20, 2020

I was 17 when I first developed a lifelong love. 

It wasn’t with a boy. It was with tea. 

Sure, I had been around tea before. I remember drinking Russian Tea as a kid. My mom used to make a homemade tea mix with Tang, Instant Tea and a few other things. It was so good that I can still remember the smell. 

But at 17, sitting at my best friend’s kitchen table after school one Thursday afternoon, I experienced tea in an entirely new way.

All the talk and chatter and nervousness of my teenager-filled day melted when I took that sip of Yorkshire Gold...known as the best spot of tea in England. Because my best friend’s mom was British, she knew how to make a good cup of tea. She gave us cream and sugar, and she added a few shortbread cookies on the side. The teacup was painted with pink roses, and it clinked after I lifted it up, sipped, and set it back down on the porcelain. 

I felt cozy, and at home, and in love. And I never turned back. I will love...

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