Planning ahead makes the clie​​​nt experience better.

Have you ever been on a photo shoot and had something happen that threw a monkey wrench in everything? Stuff happens. That’s life.

Prior planning CAN help minimize those “oh crap” moments AND make the experience much better for your client. Better experience always equals better sales. A better experience will also give you more chances of having that client tell their friends about you. We all love good referrals!

When we’re doing a photo session outside, one of the things that we plan for is the location of the sun and how it will affect our photo session. We want to make the experience for our clients as best as possible, so planning these things ahead of times takes the stress off of us. We know what to expect. We’ve planned, we’ve accounted for it so our shoot can go much smoother and the experience on the client’s end is much better. One of the things that we use for planning for this is an app called the Photographer’s...

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