If These Walls Could Talk... The Stirling Mansion

The world is full of historic buildings and structures.  We love to visit, learn the story and history, and photograph these structures to help preserve them for future generations.  Join us as we share the stories, history, and memories of historic buildings & structures we have had the pleasure of light painting.  

Christmas with a Side of Jazz

Jerry first met the owner, Cesar & Ricky, at an open house over the winter holiday season.  He was instantly taken with the beauty of the craftsmanship of the woodwork, the chandeliers, stained glass windows up the staircase, and the hand-painted ceilings.  Cesar & Ricky frequently host gatherings to showcase and promote local talented musicians.  Much like the Gertrude Sternbergh did during her lifelong residence at Stirling. 

The spotlight during this visit was on local Jazz singer, Lucille DiGiamberardino.  Her melodious voice delighted all that were in attendance.  Cesar...

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Goats and Horses and Mermaids... Oh My!

It was a cold wintry evening in Pottstown that we carried our gear into an unassuming building in Pottstown.  The snow outside was pretty to watch from the huge windows overlooking the mini-golf course. But what was inside was truly magical!

The Historical Pottstown Carousel is the second oldest operating Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden carousel in the United States.  It was originally built in 1905. Originally the animals were all stationary instead of the ones there now that move up and down as the carousel spins.  Originally installed at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, OH it moved to Twin Grove Park in Pine Grove, PA in 1935. It was dismantled and parts sold at auction in the 1980s where they lay in storage.  

A volunteer group came together to rebuild the gorgeous carousel. Sadly, the original animals were lost to damage and decay while in storage.  The group commissioned Ed Roth, who was the master sculptor that carved animals for carousels...

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