The Secret Valley & The Perfect Date!

It was a sunny afternoon in Boyertown, PA when we left the kids home and embarked on our December Date Day.  The parking lot was full. The couples and families were taking photos in front of the festive tree next to the ticket office.  From the teeny tiny baby in the baby carrier on her daddy’s chest to the couple celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary! … we were all anxiously awaiting to hear the All Aboard! Signal form the conductor. 

We had tickets for the Snowflake Special on the Colebrookdale Railroad - The Secret Valley Line.   The conductor’s knowledge shared was fantastic. I enjoyed listening as we rode about the Manatawny Indian tribe that greeted William Penn near the railroad’s stone arch bridge.  We also saw the home visited frequently by General George Washington on his frequent trips to the Colebrookdsale valley to urge ironmasters to ramp up their production for the Continental Army.  It was fascinating to...

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