The Secret Valley & The Perfect Date!

It was a sunny afternoon in Boyertown, PA when we left the kids home and embarked on our December Date Day.  The parking lot was full. The couples and families were taking photos in front of the festive tree next to the ticket office.  From the teeny tiny baby in the baby carrier on her daddy’s chest to the couple celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary! … we were all anxiously awaiting to hear the All Aboard! Signal form the conductor. 

We had tickets for the Snowflake Special on the Colebrookdale Railroad - The Secret Valley Line.   The conductor’s knowledge shared was fantastic. I enjoyed listening as we rode about the Manatawny Indian tribe that greeted William Penn near the railroad’s stone arch bridge.  We also saw the home visited frequently by General George Washington on his frequent trips to the Colebrookdsale valley to urge ironmasters to ramp up their production for the Continental Army.  It was fascinating to hear about how the evidence of both ancient seafloor and ancient mountaintop rocks from the supercontinent Pangea resulted in magnetic iron ore that drew none other than Thomas Edison.  Mr. Edison rode the railroad each week for 6 years to search for a special ore to be used in one of his inventions! You must ride the rails to hear more about the history of the area. I know we will be going again soon!

We were seated in the Dining Car.  The Colebrookdale Railroad website describes this as a “rolling Edwardian garden party” and they are not kidding!  Beautifully decorated with greenery, snowflakes, and birdcages, it was a delight to look around as we rode. The stained glass on top of the windows and table lamps created a warm cozy feeling to match the old-looking potbelly stove that heated the car. 

Our two-hour ride would include dinner from Devour Catering & Event Design that was simply divine!  The Signature Salad with slow-roasted tomatoes and parmesan cheese crumbles (and that homemade dressing - YUM!) was a great start.  Jerry had Beef Stroganoff and Lori had the Wild Mushroom Ragout over Pasta. OMG. Talk about mouth-watering good! The food alone was well worth the price paid for the tickets!

 Together.  Being Present.  Enjoying Life. Telling the story.  That is what I love to do. Whether it’s with my husband on our monthly Date Day or working with a client on their marketing images, I love to hear and retell those stories.  A photo is worth much more than the ink it’s printed with. It can connect you to feelings, messages, and stories of people.  

What story do you need to tell?  


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