Planning ahead makes the clie​​​nt experience better.

Have you ever been on a photo shoot and had something happen that threw a monkey wrench in everything? Stuff happens. That’s life.

Prior planning CAN help minimize those “oh crap” moments AND make the experience much better for your client. Better experience always equals better sales. A better experience will also give you more chances of having that client tell their friends about you. We all love good referrals!

When we’re doing a photo session outside, one of the things that we plan for is the location of the sun and how it will affect our photo session. We want to make the experience for our clients as best as possible, so planning these things ahead of times takes the stress off of us. We know what to expect. We’ve planned, we’ve accounted for it so our shoot can go much smoother and the experience on the client’s end is much better. One of the things that we use for planning for this is an app called the Photographer’s Ephemeris. You can view a video of me demonstrating this here.

With this app, I can put in any location in the world and it will tell me on any given day at any given time, the location of the sun and the moon, sunrise, moonrise, moonsets, sunsets, et cetera. So I can drop a pin on the location we’re going to be shooting and see the direction the sun and/or moon will be coming from at the time we are going to be shooting. Knowing the direction of the sun at any given time helps me plan where to place the person, if it’s a person we’re shooting, and where the place the car if there’s a car we’re shooting in relation to objects that may be in the background, and we can determine if we want the sunset behind them or stuff like that.

So I can drop a pin and I can adjust the time, so I can see where the sun’s gonna be. The orange being the sunset, the yellow being the sunrise and then the blues being your moon rise and sets. So I can determine where the sunset’s gonna be, where the location of the sun, I can know ahead of time where my shadows are gonna be falling, so all of that can be taken into account for planning our shoot. And this is just one tool that we use for planning our photo sessions. Thanks! Have a good one, guys.


About the author: Lori Keefer is an entrepreneur, Jerry’s other half, avid bird watcher, band mom, lover of a good cup of hot tea, and your guide in personal branding photography. The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the author. You can connect with her on her personal website, her business website, or on Facebook.


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